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The Queensland Government has declared its priorities for safe and healthy communities that give all children a great start, and are responsive to community priorities and needs – communities that thrive and not just survive. Thriving communities are dynamic, exciting places in which to set up a business, get a job, raise a family and live a healthy and productive life. Thriving communities are inclusive, diverse, Age-Friendly and All Abilities.


Information for carers.

Community Recovery

Provides human and social recovery assistance to disaster affected individuals and communities, through Personal Hardship Assistance Grants and long term recovery programs.

Queensland Government concessions

Queensland Government concessions are available to eligible holders of a concession card such as seniors, people with a disability, carers, veterans, sole parents, widows and students.

Queensland Financial Inclusion Plan

The Financial Inclusion Plan is an important component of the Queensland Government's broad and multifaceted response to financial exclusion and financial hardship to secure a stronger economic future for Queensland and Queenslanders.

Thriving Queensland Communities grants - Round one 2018

The Thriving Queensland Communities Grants program is awarding 73 neighbourhood centres across Queensland more than $600,000 to help them continue to be vital places where people come together, and where people go when they need support.

Thriving Queensland Communities grants - Round two 2019

Neighbourhood and community centres across Queensland are encouraged to apply for a share of $800,000 under the latest round of the Thriving Queensland Communities Grants program.

Neighbourhood and community centres

Read about Community Connect's trial placing workers in high need communities to facilitate support and referrals for individuals and families to specialist services.


Information about volunteering in Queensland, including volunteering opportunities, what to do if you need volunteers, legal information for volunteers in Queensland, and research resources.

Financial literacy and resilience

The financial literacy program provides support to Queenslanders to improve financial knowledge, build financial capacity and manage factors that contribute to financial difficulties.

Queensland Community Support Scheme

This scheme provides supports to people who, with a small amount of assistance, can maintain or regain their independence, continue living safely in their homes, and actively participate in their communities.

Goods and Food Relief Programs

Find out about goods and food relief programs supporting families and individuals on low incomes, and those impacted by disasters.

Safe Night Precincts Support Services

Find out how Safe Night Precincts are improving the safety and wellbeing of individuals and communities across Queensland.

Gambling help services

Find out how gambling help services are supporting individual and community wellbeing.

Place-based approaches

Place-based approaches. Find out about place-based approaches and how they can be used to bring together community stakeholders in a defined location to address complex community needs.

Logan Together

The Queensland Government continues to partner with the Logan Together place-based collective impact initiative to help improve outcomes for children 0 to 8 years of age in Logan.


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