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About QC Hub

Have you ever wanted to have a say on projects, policies and services the government is developing? Do you have great ideas that could help to make a difference in our diverse communities? Do you want the opportunity to voice your preferences, give feedback and share what you are doing? Then the Queensland Communities Hub, or QC Hub is the place for you. 

The Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors is focused on supporting thriving communities, and on delivering quality targeted support to improve the well being of people and places.

Thriving Communities are inclusive Queensland communities where people of all age’s backgrounds and abilities can participate. Thriving communities are resilient, and enjoy high levels of social and economic wellbeing.

Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors provides and funding, support and services to assist our most vulnerable people; to create a more inclusive Queensland for people with disability; and to help create Age-friendly communities where seniors are connected and celebrated.

We want to work together with you to build and expand on Queensland’s already Thriving Communities. This website has been designed to so that we can hear directly form you on the issues that matter most to you. Over time we will add projects, programs, ideas and consultations on here to seek your ideas and feedback. The best way to participate and have your say is to register.  We will make sure we let you know when we have live projects and consultations available.  

Register now. We want to hear from you.