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  • NDIS - Have your say; Supporting young children and their families early

    Have your say - Supporting young children and their families early, to reach their full potential.

    NDIS will implement components of the new Early Childhood approach from early 2021 through to 2022. The paper explains and invites feedback about:

    • The age group best suited to receive early childhood services and whether this should be changed from under seven years of age, to under nine years
    • How independent assessments will be used to determine eligibility and budgets for participants over 12 months of age
    • Short Term Early Intervention (STEI), which is the early support that is offered whether or not a child is eligible for the NDIS
    • Planning and implementation of best practice supports
    • Support for young children and families to transition to the next stage of their lives, if they are no longer eligible for the NDIS.

    The project consultation report outlines the research, recommendations and background on the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) reset is also available for anyone interested in understanding the detailed project activities.

    Find details and have your say at the NDIS webpage - Supporting young children and their families early, to reach their full potential

Cultural Acknowledgement

We pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestors of this land and their legacy. The foundations laid by these ancestors - our First Nations peoples - gives strength, inspiration and courage to current and future generations towards creating a better Queensland.

We walk together on our shared journey of reconciliation where all Queenslanders will be equal and the diversity of Aboriginal cultures and Torres Strait Islander cultures and communities across Queensland are fully recognised, respected and valued by all.